New Beginnings for a bygone era


Tess & Thorn is the story of being lost in the right direction and how two separate paths converged through the revitalization of needlepoint. We’re excited we’re on your radar and we hope we will inspire you to cultivate your creativity and #soulstitch with us. We guarantee, it’s the DIY you’ll wanna try. Oh and we plant a tree for every product sold.

Soul stitch with us and together we will plant a forest!

The Mission: Shaken, not stirred...

Tess & Thorn are two youngbloods on a mission to feed an age of addiction with some fresh threads and what we like to call, #soulstitching.

Deriving from a technique engineered by the Ancient Egyptians, needlepoint (or tapestry in the UK) is an art form that has been passed down for generations. From pillows to wallets, belts and shoes, not only does the craft allow people of all artistic levels to be creative, but it allows them to create works that have the capacity to be passed down for generations. To demonstrate love in every stitch. However, with the technological revolution, this art form has manifested, as of late, in a perpetual cycle that does not actively engage younger generations. Now that people of all ages are realizing the negative side effects of technological dependency, we wanted to help fill that void and get you grounded. Tess & Thorn hopes to break that cycle and encourage millennials to discover the powerfully addictive and therapeutic facets of needlepoint.  We're here to shake things up a bit and introduce our elegantly edgy aesthetic inspired by a keen sense of trend, to the industry. 

Needlepoint: The kind of String Theory you can learn in 10 minutes or less. No calculators needed.

Cultivate Your Creativity

Tess & Thorn isn't just about needlepoint. 

You will notice that we like to use the term soul stitching. As two young women who love adventure, one of the grounding aspects of needlepointing that we love most is that the act allows us to break away from technology. To put down our phones and do some soul searching. The repetitive nature of stitching allows us to meditate and focus on the little things in life. Better yet, we are able to see how that act translates into a concrete cultivation of creativity and contemplation, a platform designed to inspire the act of living creatively. As a result, we decided to call this beautiful journey “soul stitching,” adapted from the idea of soul surfing.

Some come ride our soul stitching wave with us!

Sustainable Responsibility

It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.
— The Lorax, Dr. Seuss


Our Plant Lady Promise: For every canvas sold, we will plant a tree. Plain and simple.


We are committed to creating a creative community with a high social benefit as well as a low environmental impact by way of needlepoint.

We are proud to be Reforestation Partners with One Tree Planted!

Did you know that it takes between seven and ten trees to provide enough oxygen for just one person for a year?

Through this initiative, we have planted trees in Canada, Colorado, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya and in The Amazon Rainforest.

Stitch with us, and together we will build a forest!

Just like a needlepoint canvas, it's about what it could become.



Love her, but leave her WILD - Atticus Finch 🌿💙🌺

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YOU can make this.

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