On the hunt for some fresh threads, evocative color palettes and elegantly edgy looks to recruit young stitchers?

Tess & Thorn is a contemporary needlepoint line designed by two women on a mission to shake things up a little bit in the needlepoint industry. By combining a craft passed down from their mothers with their love for pop culture, Tess Nagle (31) and Brooke Thorn McGowan (23) want to encourage color enthusiasts of all ages to cultivate their creativity through stitching their designs.  The Tess & Thorn look evokes an authentic lifestyle, an appreciation for popular culture, a fun sense of humor and awareness of endangered species by way of evocative color palettes, iconic pop art and  jungalow creatures.

For centuries, needlepoint has graced the hands and homes of many. However, due to the technological revolution, this art form has manifested, as of late, into a perpetual cycle of sorts that does not actively engage all ages.  Tess & Thorn hopes to break that cycle and encourage millennials to discover the powerfully addictive facets of soul stitching including stimulating the senses, revitalize a well-established industry and inspire self-love and reflection.


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