Chapter Eight: Friyay

These are a few of my favourite things...

Excusez mon français, mais...

Happy Effing Friday,

The coffee is hot, the sky is blue, and I am dotting some i's and crossing some t's before heading to the ADKs for the next few days. As I intend to hang up my hat for the weekend and enjoy the mountains, friends, and select beverages, I would like to share with you some of my favorite things by some kick ass females to hold you over.


Lettuce Turnip The Beet

"Turn the beat up, turn it real loud" - All We Need, Odesza

Okay, fine, I admit it, I love my music festivals. I love smearing glitter all over my face, I love fangirling with my friends to win insta contests and most of all, I love dropping some fire on the dance floor. While my musical education began with exclusively tunes that were written before 1987, I LOVE Odesza. In fact, I'll be hella dabbin' with Odesza, Robyn and Børns next weekend in Boston.

Instagram girl crush: 


Not only is Julia a close friend, she's got a good eye and a heart of gold

Favorite interior designer:


We are seriously loving Holly Hollingsworth Phillips from The English Room! On a daily basis, she captures the essence of cool with ease, pulling beautiful samples of color, fabric, and sass. Give her a follow, and I guarantee you'll fall in love @theenglishroom

More reasons to love The English Room- they're fans of Tess & Thorn!

Favorite blogger:

Stitchers, meet TheLaLa. These girls are are so effing cool. Because I can't give them the adequate hype for their hustle they deserve, I'll let them tell you what's up by introducing you to their pledge. Check them out!  Pro Tip: keep your eyes peeled!

"You’re brilliant. You’re beautiful. And now you’ve finally found a website that matches that dazzling personality of yours.

Welcome to the Lala. Although we’re a fashion and lifestyle publication, we don’t play by the rules of other online mags. Here’s the thing: Media is tough on women. Especially college women.

From “How to Lose the Freshman 15” to “Girls Gone Wild” to dare we say it, Googling the term “college girls”— there’s definitely something up. At the Lala, we believe college women are rockstarsand that they should be represented that way.

We’re talking future lawyers, doctors, humanitarians, mothers, teachers, journalists, politicians here. You know— the kind of women who move the world forward. And we’re talking about a media landscape that doesn’t promote them.

So the Lala’s doing something about it.

We’re the type of editorial creatives who believe in content, real content. For women who are— you guessed it— real.

That’s why we’re making it our mission to pump some much-needed positivity into the media today.

College women have the tools, resources and smarts to shake it up. We can, and so like any determined 20-something, we will.

From all original photography to real college models and authentic female perspectives, we pledge that everything we publish is pro-girl power and pro-you.

Because what the world really needs right now is to celebrate what college students are all about— Style, Substance & Spirit."

Favorite Interior Design Hacks for Beginners:

If you suffer from one or more of the following problems, I have a couple of solutions for you!

1. Okay, so I graduated from college, landed a job, and managed to find an apartment, but it's empty as fuck.

2. My grandmother got me an Hèrmes scarf for Christmas last year, but it's been hiding in my wardrobe ever since.

3. I have a lot of wall space, but don't want my home to look like a college dorm room.

4. I just can't find the right pillows to go with my new green, velvet couch.

5. The perk of living with my parents while I commute into the city this summer let's me save up for that Céline Phantom bag I have been day dreaming about, but now I have some time to kill on the train.

6. I need the ultimate gifts to let my squad know that I'll miss them while they do their part in busting through the glass ceiling around the world post grad.

Our first solution is obviously to needlepoint. There are so many benefits of needlepointing beyond the stitched results. Free your mind, relieve some stress, be your own interior designer, create gifts for your loved ones. Regardless of the reason, needlepointing is the DIY you'll wanna try! For reasons why you should take up needlepoint, check our our blog post!

Our second solution is to have your scarves framed like our Hèrmes hunt! Whether they're Hèrmes, Chanel or a funky design you found while perusing a market place in the country you studied abroad, framing your scarves is a way to showcase the world-renowned craftsmanship while effectively making use of such a beautiful piece.  Prop it up on a console table, add some pieces from your favorite decor shop and voilà, vous avez un espace qui est unique à votre esthétique!

IMG_0160 (1).jpg
IMG_0160 (1).jpg

Color Scheming:

Neutral with a chance of color. My personal rules when decorating and designing.

  1. Homes are for free expression, not just first impressions
  2. Mix, mix, mix!  My aesthetic depicts a number of parallels to the Grand Tour philosophy. In short, the Grand Tour was an aristocratic right of passage, an excursion young men took in order to learn about the world. This tradition took place from about 1660 to 1840. Upon their return, their homes would be filled with a large collection of items ranging from ancient Egyptian sarcophagi and ancient Roman sculpture, to Victorian etchings.It was the beginning of the art of mixing old and new.Drawing motifs, styles, and color palettes from different eras allow me to create non-traditional spaces that transcend in time. While they are clearly contemporary works, there are several signals to historical periods well before my existence.
  3. But NEVER mix black and chocolate brown, please.
  4. I love starting with a neutral palette and adding bits of color
  5. Go big or go home
  6. Turquoise is my favorite color after Rosé, and if you know me, you most likely know that. Pick an aesthetic trait that screams the essence of you and make it your signature move.

Favorite Female:

My first muse (after Givenchy of course). I was first charmed by Audrey as a young girl. Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady joined High Society, and Please Don't Eat the Daisies as active participants of my childhood per the request of my mother. I continued to paint her for my high school art assignments and wrote term papers on her for history class. Not only is she a beautiful, doe eyed creature, she is incredibly inspiring. Hepburn was more than just her beauty. She survived WWII after living in fear as a member of the resistance, Audrey created a name for herself in Hollywood by being one of the select few to achieve the EGOT. Lastly, before succumbing to cancer in 1993, Audrey dedicated her life to bettering other lives through Unicef. She is lovely. She is Audrey.

Favorite animal:



Favorite Tess & Thorn custom design:


Favorite Sneak Peek!

We're stoked to give ya'll an inside look at our summer essentials to be released June 1st! They'll be having ya saying "yaaaaaaas" like this Broad City inspired design. Keep ya eyes peeled, Stitchers!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Brooke