Chapter Five: Netflix & Stitch



While we encourage stitchers to put their phones away and tune into their projects, we also can't resist a good Netflix & Stitch binge.

Netflix & Stitch is a convenient spin off from the infamous, "Netflix & Chill."

Netflix & Chill 101: Netflix & Chill is an unfortunate colloquialism coined (typically) by thirsty male millennials to find their Saturday night soul mate. In other words, it is the modern-day phrase lazy suiters use to temporarily woo a fair maiden with minimal effort.

Side note: If you have fallen for those three little words, my sincere apologies. If you have yet to encounter such a romantic gesture, should you do so in the near future, we like the Meredith Grey Method. Smile, say you're "needlepointing a pillow" and walk away.

Moving on.

Make your Netflix binge even more productive than giving your thumbs a 5k workout on instagram. If you are like me and were born after 1985, chances are, you can't sit through a movie or even TV show without needing a social media fix. Some theorists even equate our phones to drug addiction.

Instead of flipping through other people's photos and snap stories, give your followers something to fuss over while you crush whole seasons. We think needlepoint is a perfect way to unwind from the cyber world and plant your energy into a way to cultivate your creativity.


Shows we're Netflix & Stitching:

  1. Broad City (Comedy Central).... yaaaaaas... pairs well with our "RAD" design. and margaritas.
  2. Vikings (History Channel)... our "My True North is on This Couch" design's font was inspired by this show!
  3. Game of Thrones (HBO)... While we are not keen on the House of Lanister, this show pairs well with any of our Lion designs.
  4. Downton Abbey (PBS or BBC)... pairs well with our Damask Buddha design and a Pimms beverage
  5. Outlander (STARZ)... you're welcome.
  6. Scandal (ABC)... pairs well with our "No Fucks Given" design, a large glass of red wine and a bowl of popcorn.
  7. The Voice (NBC)... pairs well with either our "Purple Haze" or "Imagine" designs and a box of tissues for when you remember that Adam Levine is married.
  8. Blindspot (NBC)... pairs well with our Festival Skull design and temporary tattoos

If for some reason you already have your Masters in Modern Family, PHD in Grey's Anatomy and have run out of visual aids, we highly recommend Stitch & B*tch.

What is Stitch & B*tch you ask?

Inspired by my mother and her friends, S&B is a beautiful periodic gathering of your squad and your stash. A book club alternative of sorts. Snag some snacks, your latest project eager for your attention, your favorite bad b*tches and get stitching!

Stay tuned for our favorite hors d'oeuvre recipes, playlists and canvases for perfecting your squad gatherings.

Warning: do not attempt within two weeks of exams

Okay, maybe just one.

Pro tip: cough cough

xo, Brooke Thorn