Chapter One: New Beginnings for a Bygone Era


As I lay my book face down on the couch next to me and take a long sip of my fennel tea, I begin to unpack from the alternative universe I just removed myself from and allow the present to sink in.

Yesterday afternoon, Tess and I finally cleaned our brushes and stepped back from nine months of our labor to expose our creative love child to the unknown, to strangers and familiars alike.

A rush of both excitement and anxiety overwhelmed us as we pet Tess's rescue cat, Greyjoy and listen to The Lumineers's, Ophelia. At the ages of twenty-three and thirty, we decided to perpetuate the starving artist stereotype and pursue our life long dreams of being creative entrepreneurs. However, we neither developed a new app nor did we invent an environmentally conscious instrument that would allow humans to decrease their carbon footprint.

Instead, we took the neoclassical approach to cultivating our creativity and found a way to revitalize and hopefully give new life to an art form that is commonly associated with elderly women. A dying art, as they say. Instead of kittens and flowers, we have decided to bring evocative color palettes and popular culture icons into the needlepoint world in order to inspire younger generations and DIY lovers to find love and self-reflection in a cult of sorts that had previously been exclusive to our grandmothers. There is so much to gain from the needlepoint process beyond the final fruits of your labors.

Essentially, we are bringing some dopeness into this world with Biggie Smalls needlepoint pillows.

Needlepoint is our prescription for the individual to plant roots in a world that revolves around technology. It is a way to unplug from our lives in the cloud and tune in to the moment. Have anxiety, long commutes or need a new hobby? Stitching is not only good for the soul, it is highly addictive and productive.

So put down your phone and soul stitch with us!